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Floetry In Motion

by Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels

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(Intro) Let’s do it You’ve just pressed play to NC You also just pressed play to VA Some of the best we got to offer y’all, yeah Why not join forces? Yeah He’s back, check it out (Verse 1) You are now tuned in to the finest name in hip hop Edgar Allen Floe, you ready when my shit drops? Worldwide I get props I’m the manifestation of when you say that bullshit should get dropped True School of Hard Knocks, looking for large flocks of party people that’s not afraid to use your noodle Try it, don’t let them fool you I’m so real, let me break it down to you Doing my own thing and still winning Been representing Caroline since the beginning But I Don’t Know Why, some wanna keep hating the Superfly But I’mma stay grounded, with my Head to the Sky and that’s The Realest Talk You frontin’ on mine like your career’s my fault I ain’t say commit the crime and leave your footprint I ain’t drive you downtown to Central Booking Pissed off at me, why you Jealous B? Reason why I Love The Game, ‘cause we all can eat (word) Mighty Floe Young Pounding my chest and wreck your city like King Kong No gold plaques, so Where Did I Go Wrong Fans say Don’t Stop, so I’mma roll on (keep rollin’) Now I present to you, the return of what’s gone The truth, I put that on My Two Moms Floetry In Motion (Chorus: Nakia Mandry) Floetry In Motion Keep on rolling, don’t look back You’re on your way (you’re on your way) You’re on your way (you’re on your way) (Repeat) (Outro: Hamza The 7th Sun) Somebody tell me the reason there’s more squeezing than reading I know violence is pleasing, but trust me Books got more niggas shook like Rooks backed up by Pawns You can’t back up your Queen with arms because One move made wrong, shorty gonna be showing her thong and once your King has lost his Kong You’ll only be called another monkey locked inside a circus cage (End)
I Don’t Know Why (Intro) Yeah, Edgar Allen Floe My homie J Wheels VA to NC, we do it like this yeah, I don’t know I don’t know man, yeah Let’s speak on it though (c’mon), ayo (Verse 1) It’s like, the clock’s forever move making while you sitting on your ass, scared of move shaking They asked what you wanted to be when you was younger now your life you just wanting to flee, you going under Dreams of an architect, now for self you lost respect but you can build a lot before you cash the boss’s check A foundation built on Knowledge of Self even though the scholars thinking only college will help You can move from the bottom up, brick by brick Step back, notice your progress tick by tick tock by tock, nail your thoughts stick by stick By choosing the right hammer, ‘cause clip by clip You could see some delays, missed deadlines and fines or on the front page, with the headline of crime It’s hard to do right, let’s try to level the playing field You scared to say this is the house that your brain built (Chorus: Ad Libs) I don’t know, why is that What’s really going on out here man Let’s be real for a second Nobody can give me an answer Nobody can speak the truth I tell you one thing though Floe’s gonna give it to you Let’s go, c’mon (Verse 2) Aye yo, and I know why, you just don’t give a fuck and I know why, you just wanna live it up With fly chains and cars, steady buying out the bar ‘cause that shit feels good, superstardom like it’s Hollywood North Carolina’s capital we call it Raleighwood kids idolize ballers and shit I probably would If I was their age, ‘cause the parents ain’t making the grade kids unguided, the bond is fading away It used to take a village, to raise one child now the village runs wild, exchanging crack viles weed sacks, and bongs, what the hell is going on then they blame this generation for the wrong Take a good look in the mirror momma a grown ass child, that’s where your daughter got the drama, and uh I ain’t forget about you father Scared to shaq up, biological didn’t bother, wow (Chorus: Ad Libs 2) Yeah, where y’all at man can anybody, anybody out there, give me an answer What’s up yo? What you think about that? Let’s get down to it man We gotta start digging real deep, you know Yeah (Outro: Ad Libs 3) That’s real man EA Floe, North Caroline J Wheels, VA We represent the real man We got to speak on it man Ain’t nobody else speaking on it Need to break it down man Let’s go (End)
(Verse 1) Let’s do it You witnessing the life of a survivor Turned wrongs to right the theme of my life, still every day’s a fight A struggle trying to bubble But tough to win through troubled winds Please believe me, I wish life was more breezy Not necessarily easy, ‘cause trials plus error Equals perseverance you can measure A buried treasure And I know the game is to be sold not told but some of y’all value that fool’s gold See that’s a little fame, and that’s a little fortune but the bond with your homies you sold it at the auction The nerve of these dudes, you better move with caution I’ve seen jealousy fire back too often This is so awkward, I try to lead by example The principals of what a man should do Keep it real with your peers, you see that’s the rule Yo I thought it’s oh so easy to catch the jewel, but (Chorus: Ad Libs) Just tell me, what happened I don’t understand I drop knowledge, you should pick it up man Ok (Verse 2) Yeah See I don’t know either, you got a little fever So you trap all your peeps in a room full of ether But give me one chance to teach ya Just because you hot, don’t make you invincible, believe bruh Yessir, Floe got the best words They say revenge on ice is how it’s best served And that’s what my comrades heard So we fall back and chill, plotting before we get ill It ain’t all about the dollar bill ‘cause them greenbacks don’t mean jack and ain’t the reason for the attack It’s when loyalty gets hijacked You let it crash and burn, so now it’s your turn The sabotage is camouflaged, grab the head nigga in charge Manhandle him, stiching him and bandage him The nerve while we beating his ass, pleading There’s just one question I have to ask (Chours: Ad Libs 2) What question, you serious? Nah, stop playing man I don’t wanna hear that Whatever (End)
(Intro: Jon Bibbs) Keep your head to the sky (Repeat x 2) (Verse 1) Yeah, ready for a newer day, ready to view the way In the midst of surprise is where the rude awake He used to sleep on the wrong side of the bed Instead, switched to the right side, and opened his bright eyes Sick of the game, sick of the pain of feeling like it’s ok to be slain 10th grade, once again, doors are full of chains Glock found, school on lockdown, everyone stop now bring in the cops (wow), patrolling the hallways all day in his hood, all same Mad guns and drugs, yo the scene is bugged How can a 15 year old rise above They all knowing he smart, but they hide the love They think he’ll just fail, if he try to budge But why all of a sudden he wanna reach the top? His momma told him “baby just don’t stop” You better keep… (Chorus: Jon Bibbs) Keep your head to the sky (keep it up yall keep it up to the sky, sky, sky, sky, yeah) (Repeat) (Verse 2) Aye yo, ready for another night, and feeling all right Lounging, bumping The Undefined’s “Moonlight” A college bound senior, making believers out of naysayers girlfriends be screaming “hey player” Cutting class for kats whose straight hypocrite with slick talk, and a business card from VistaPrint Scheming to make a star out of the hour glass figure But this girl is thinking much bigger While her friends steady choosing between hate or love she falls back, she already seen “Player’s Club” so kill that strip tease, you ain’t gonna trick me I’m trying to make a career that fits me So the boys call her names, girls call her lame Losing her best friends for fake fame So as the tears run down her cheek she’s getting weak But she ain’t never meeting defeat She’s gonna keep… (Chorus x 2) (Verse 3) Aye yo, and to the woman trying to get out the house Feeling there’s no way out, getting abuse by a spouse and all you hear is negative out his mouth But the truth is this ain’t what love is all about To them dudes cooking it up in the kitchen wanting out of the game, but needs someone to listen Before another brother becomes a victim Let him strive while alive, gotta share a little wisdom To those living in fear and you can hardly take it when your entire family’s saying you’ll never make it From grandmas to in-laws been sore ‘cause your thoughts ain’t never been poor, get yours To Floe Almighty, keep dropping real verses I need encouragement too my dude, I ain’t perfect Patience and your greatness will soon surface When you manifest your destiny, it’s all worth it (Chorus x 5) (End)
(Chours: K’Bana Blaq) We always getting better There’s no way to stop us We always keep on pushin We always keep on pushin (Verse 1: Chaundon) These niggas got Erick Sermon contacts on Logging on like why the fuck Chaundon on? If they was nice, they would be in my place rocking shows state to state Busting nuts in every groupie ho face But they not, they stuck behind a laptop screen 9 to 5ing, surviving, while I’m living my dream So sick that my 16s are keeping my lights on Flew back from Beaverton, free pair of Nikes on Pray for my downfall, I ain’t slipping Passport stamped up, nigga I ain’t tripping Fuck y’all, so what you don’t like me Get online and spite me I’ll make another joint like Spike Lee Get in my lane, run you over like Frogger Wack niggas who failed as rappers became bloggers Am I wrong? You niggas hear the truth in the song Press rewind and we can all sing along Deuces (Chorus x 2) (Verse 2: L.E.G.A.C.Y.) Push off, push out, pussy with their deuche out Blew off, blew out, standing with that kush out I push off, like I’m going for the rebound I flew off, I don’t fuck with these clowns I crush them quick, is he Bozo or Homey Can’t touch the kid, I’m Billy, you know me I’ll make you famous with a gang of regulators Middle finger still the same, aimed at the best haters Trust I gotta good aim, fuck all that hood fame That notoriety could leave you with a few brains Don’t get John F’ed, don’t call me conscious More like smartness, taken out of context They don’t want this, suicide launches This is no bomb threat, more of a promise I’m kind of like the film, Carolina bastard what And I’mma push it ‘til that casket shuts (Chorus x 2) (Verse 3: Edgar Allen Floe) Aye yo, Floe is a phenomenon (man that dude is the shit) To show and prove it to you let’s take a trip With your street smarts is where your feet start The road to success is where hustling meets heart Tough when your peeps talk ‘cause they ain’t gotta tall glass of both Wonder how overseers got them cornered on the ropes Lightweight moving with heavy weight You out of your league Wanna be Ali but can’t bob and weave Now you fucked up, your face is full of Vaseline Such a weak prize fighter thinking you matching me I’m in a league of my own homes, check out my Floezone Chillin’ sitting on an ice cold throne King of the Cool, straight stinging your fools My weapon’s a lethal injection, you quiet as kept and Aquarius water, don’t get lost in the sea, sea, sea Floetry In Motion, yo you still Walking With E? (End)
(Verse 1) Watch the steps you take, confronted by a swarm of jakes If anything, try Keeping the Faith A tough task just to get out safe If you got African traits You’ll catch bullets before catching a case Check my Letters to a Young Brother, Manifest Your Destiny Can it be, hip hop’s Hill Harper, yes indeed The overseers got no respect for a face blacker So everyday I’m living proof to you that Race Matters Scoping your hood, the D’s quick to arrest the resident When they should respect intelligence My Message to The Blackman is real rap Whether you a city gun slinger or deal crack Still an Invisible Man, on a dangerous plight Straight chillin’ like a villain homie Soul on Ice Your whole life is in your hands, you rolling the dice Blame momma for all the drama, Is Bill Cosby Right? I think we gotta deeper issue to grasp ‘cause mommas deal with they own shit Some are mentally homeless Like When The Levees Broke, we’ve been hurricaned with pain The Mis-Education of the Negro reigns And Floe brings food to the brain ‘cause you could be penniless, or a Fourty Million Dollar Slave and even if you know the ledge, the cops are still on edge Your rights could still be read with handcuffs Restraining you from beating the odds They be shackling all of ours, From Niggas To Gods Shoving us in a cop car, sending us to Central Booking A long night ahead of us is how it’s looking (Ad Libs) How the hell I get in this shit man They got me in this back seat, locked down Headed downtown, shit is crazy man (Verse 2) To be processed can snatch all of your joy Some call it a Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys Now you hit with a probable cause affidavit Then you getting smacked with a criminal complaint, shit Don’t forget the mug shot, then the finger print First time offense? So, they issue you a SID A rap sheet, no pad no pen But now they hip to hop on your black ass again Yeah I know what you thinking I don’t need A Hand To Guide Me I’m trying to help you guide your own hands Know What I Mean? You got remanded? Better watch your behavior No righteous flavor, no Isis Papers To put to good use, just jail, a tight crib No focus for brothers on How To Eat To Live Just locked up and locked down, never gets better Incarceration based upon The Willie Lynch Letters But what about the Metu Neter, the tree of life? If you never see the runway, you can never take flight, aiight You Young, Rich, and Dangerous to them Young in your lifetime and so much to win Rich in your history, plus your pockets ain’t slim Dangerous, ‘cause you know Floe, consulting with him Gotta just Do You, but do it right and have fun with it Floe Almighty, the track sums up The Covenant (End)
(Intro) Yep, Termanology Edgar Allen Floe, yeah J Wheels on the track, yeah Superfly shit (Verse 1: Edgar Allen Floe) Yo, as soon as I hit your town And both Wallabees hit the ground I expect you to kiss the crown or kneel down ’cause y’all ain’t fucking with him Better be up to listen, and feel this touch of wisdom or simply another victim, once again his pride hit him Right on his ass, took an L so fast trying to see a W, now see ICU Remember Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down? But now chumps get trumped, how does defeat sound? ’cause Floe will Texas hold ‘em, then shape and mold them To a fake pro with play dough, tried to told him You thinking you large, yeah you might’ve outsold him but my shit hold weight, so truly I out-globe him He wanna be a leader homie, I don’t know him How can I follow when with ease I could fold him I do my thing and keep my B.I. private So check for the true leader, witness the Superfly shit (Chorus: Nakia Madry) You know who he is, you know what he is The kid is so Superfly, Superfly (Repeat) (Verse 2: Edgar Allen Floe) State of the art shit and you the prime target But taking you on ain’t really what I call a bargain See I don’t deal with the fakes, you’re too late so your bread I won’t break to try to fill my dinner plate ‘cause the loaf is so poisonous You think it’s a dream and can’t believe Floe’s exposing the boy in us and boy it’s tough, your boy ain’t tough he just be on that premium helium, I enjoy his bluff So gassed up, thinking he flying high The latter of Ride or Die, that’s what he gets for trying I Now the boy and earth collide, and he asking the god why Floe Almighty sitting high, boy what a smart guy I max well, chillax well, when I attack yell You still get thrown over crowd like a packed jail (overcrowded) Up next is Murder Mass, really though ‘cause Term is a man knowing the ledge But y’all don’t hear me though (Termanolgy) (Chorus x 2) (Verse 3: Termanology) I ain’t got paper so I don’t bring the Range out But I got a burner that’ll blow your brains out I’m drizzling rain in a sizzling rain drought Cocaine droughts is out, we just made South You sucka ducks meet a slut, then you marry it I got heavy flow like a ho on her period I’m seriously hilarious, but I’m serious After I damage it I throw a bitch out the Marriott I’m feeling it, brilliant rhymes I got millions really it’s real, Shakespeare should be my alias the way my poetry flow it be so strenuous All of these venomous menace’s sentences will end quick You know the rest, these hoes is so obsessed Me and Edgar Allen Floe on this J Wheels shit It’s like Prince and Mike Jack with Quincy 20 years ago, check the flow, so crispy Like my Air Ones, cut in my fade And my blade will chop up drugs that’s high grade I’ve been hustling, since a young boy so why change I’m on the run, got five IDs and five names, I’m made What a shame, they blame this Hip Hop for violence Just imagine if there wasn’t no rap Then every rapper that rap, probably be packing gats I probably be a maniac, eating your children like snacks I’m a monster (Chorus x 2) (End)
(Verse 1: Nottz) Little nigga I’m a muthafucking monster I drool when I talk shit Crumble and die throughout the paths I done walked Eyes stay blood red, ‘cause I ain’t slept in a hundred years I’m one vampire that bust head your tough guy Thinking you can fuck with the boy (uh uh, damn lie) ‘Nuff dem die and fry for that shit nigga Know what your gotdamn problem is (Click, Click) I ain’t think so bitch Sit your monkey ass on down Before I put your monkey ass on down Like you were wild from a zoo Nottz Raw rings bells from here to Kalamazoo You ain’t gotta like my shit, nigga fuck you It’s a billion of muthafuckin’ opinions that mean something and a fourth of that be frontin’ The other 75% fuck with that real Hip Hop, bitch stop Hold up before a nigga go nuts (Scratch Chorus: DJ Flash) Real niggas only, Five Nine I be the Five Star Genereal Edgar Allen Floe is that dude Trust me I’m as live as it gets Nottz Raw, nigga I’m that shit Aw shit look at the muthafucking Wheels Edgar Allen Floe, Royce Five Nine The illest (Verse 2: Edgar Allen Floe) Aye yo, you get slapped up in VA Transported to NC Now who the fuck wanna see E 10 o’clock news got your face up on the TV Missing muthafuck from my clutches he wanna be free Break my shackles, Kunta Kinte slave Nah homie, sit your ass down Toby The god speaks Mathematics, I will bring noise ‘cause this year, in my cipher I build and destroy This is grown man shit little boy, you still potty training Straight out of Raleigh blazing, you still probably hate it and Floe is going ape shit, breaking the laws of the matrix For you there’s no escaping, L you facing So take this, a strong word of advice Stay the fuck out my path, you truly value your life? Edgar Allen Floe is lethal, 1 over 0 Keeping it Undefined, no effort, but still shine (Scratch Chorus) (Verse 3: Royce Da 5’9”) Nikkel, Nigga Run Nottz asks me for anything It’s Young Berg’s career, done Extended cartridge, I call you niggas food ‘cause you get hands put on you in any market Besides rolling with Gs, it’s my crew Responsible for the No-Fly Zone in the D You come through, you better call somebody ‘cause we don’t care We’ll leave with your legs and leave you a wheelchair We’ll sit in your bushes prepared for a shootout With a couple extra militias and pushers If you don’t get it, you can’t get it, forget it We run the city, the bitch with me she pretty She pretty, she’ll bring the kitty to the vet Nigga I’m lethal, I’ll take your whole city on All I need is me and ten of my people Nigga I’m a winner, my bitch name is Victoria I go hard, they call me a go to warrior Out (Scratch Chorus) (End)
(Chorus: LaToiya Williams) Baby baby, please don’t stop (Repeat x 4) (Verse 1) Aye yo, check the scene, so serene Lounging in my rest No one here to impress but a great King, no less Working hard to keep the throne secure And the homeland pure Them haters won’t trespass for sure And Floe’s position, of the utmost respect So the third eye stays wide to see that respect reflect I’m sick of hearing stories about that lost black girl But what’s up with the sistas in the entertainment world Overall they doing good, overall they looking good Overall they making good, over all of Hollywood Young and old, and while very few find gold Most struggle as the job search turns cold shoulder No choice but to get bolder And your comfort zone’s over there somewhere But you get closer to stardom and fame But don’t change your original aim Conquer the game (Chorus x 4) (Verse 2) You see, Regina King stays queen Nia Long stays strong While Paula Jai Parker stays getting her groove on Bucky naked Sanaa Lathan’s getting the shine But it’s an unfair grind for her limited spot time Love and Basketball to Nip Tuck Better known to Edgar Allen Floe as Tit Fuck Halle opened up the door and opportunity called you But it’s actually the back door to the Monster’s Ballroom Tom, Dick, and Harry be loving some Halle Berry Thinking they can smash at will Reminds me of when Pam Grier was blaxploited Drop your top, cop a feel Play your cards right, but they don’t show you how to deal No matter whose shuffling, she’s still struggling She’s still juggling Code of Ethics plus pride Keep your respect level high, continue to strive ‘cause you got strong brothas on your side (Chorus x 4) (Bridge: LaToiya Williams) Keep on believing, hey, don’t stop I know it gets hard sometimes, don’t stop Don’t, please (Verse 3) Can’t you picture it now See the capacity crowd See the land of smiles Where she never asks to be proud See the little ones keeping their head high Beautiful eyes can fly skyward Opened up by my words But you’re the one who helped clear the path Now the whole world can recognize and feel the wrath You see it right Preserve the picture so it’ll last Yo we gotta build this All-Star Cast (Chorus x 8) Never give up, hold on to your dreams (Repeat with Chorus) (End)
Caroline 04:26
(Intro) Uh huh, this is Edgar Allen Floe right here J Wheels I’m about to take y’all where I reside at man This is where I rest at You’re about to witness greatness, check it (Verse 1) Yeah, welcome to NC where we show love Got the most distinguished gentlemen Plus our own thugs Can’t be repping just one city A hundred counties be getting busy I’mma just glide statewide, yo you riding with me? Grab shotgun now, and buckle up Some grab the shotgun while you knuckle up Unfair you say, but them young boys don’t play Even OGs low key, hustling old and gray In North Click, there’s two sides to Raleigh-Durham One side hates visitors, and they probably hurt them Other side takes pride in southern hospitality Hunger pains, step inside the house and grab a seat Somebody’s momma can show you the soul food And even sip with you, even if she don’t know you There’s so much to reveal and it’s about time Shine Caroline shine Caroline shine (Chorus) You so fine, Caroline Such a dime, Caroline You so fine, Caroline Share what’s mine, Caroline (Verse 2) Yeah, this is North Caro L-I-N-A The freshest garments, stay fly all day That’s Fayettenam shit, they don’t try to stay paid They hit the target, bullseye, get cake What up Wilson, they call it Wide Awake You caught sleeping you could lie in grave Danger, strangers decide to escape Wrong turn, concern won’t hide from your face When you in North Cack Floe’s chillin’, Actionvillian Is willing to hit him with skill and realism, feel him They all feel me son, from here to Wilmington when I used to hustle Undefined demos Hell no, you ain’t holding me back my mellow I’m changing the game like the four from Greensboro So get in where you sit in and rep the whole team I’m telling you mayne Carolina’s walk is so mean (Chorus) (Verse 3) In North Cock-It-Back, a deeper meaning to that More than bullshit at your party with notorious gats Check it, worldwide they respect the athletics Cocking back the basketball and hockey stick, best at it It’s a habit that we won’t break and not up for debate Even I got some high school varsity tapes Highlights of my B-Ball highlife Stayed on the rise right Slam dunk, keep the fans eyes bright In North Cakalak, you’ll get lapped around the track Either sprinting or long distance contend for The Olympics And college, of course UNC is the truth But you can’t forget about our HBCUs NC Central and A&T, something that you gotta see Aggies vs Eagle is classic like this track is She got it all, flyest you ever saw This is Carolina homie, just thought I’d remind y’all (Chorus) (End)
(Intro) Yeah, my two moms (Verse 1) Gloria Jean Sams, born June 29th Smile of heaven, mother of seven, and full of life Daryl Sams is her first born, yo that’s me The only one of her seeds to see her happy In the midst of the pain and heartache I wish we could’ve lived where everything was all straight A lot of memories were great Even though the tough ones still haunt me at night Caught in my sight But let the good times roll, yo I was eight years old when we raced in the street, no shoes, all feet Fifty yard dash, aw man you was fast I’m glad I was broke and didn’t bet no cash Two years before, we’re at the seashore Best times I ever had In the midst of horseshoe crabs and jellyfish Everything outside was irrelevant to mother and son (Chorus: Chris Whitaker) Wish I could see through See deep into you And know what you’re thinking now (Repeat) (Verse 2) Deborah Sams Harmon, born on January 26 Same day as mine, boy life is so slick Genius even My Aunt Debbie used to visit on the weekend And noticed my life was so hard At age ten she took me in to legally guard Even though she had a son and worked two jobs But she gave her nephew a chance to advance And for the first time I measured my wing span Then I started to fly One, two, third eye And recognized I was a unique guy Soaring through the clouds Played it smart with my style Auntie so proud Mommy and Child is how she made me feel But even kept it more real By making sure I would know my momma Gloria still I’m so glad you both opened your arms Double good luck charms, I love my two moms (Chorus x 2) (Bridge) I got this picture It was taken at my college graduation It was me in the middle My mother on my right side And my Aunt Debbie on the left side That was one of the most happiest days of my life Just knowing what we’ve all been through So this song right here Is a bouquet of roses for both of y’all I love you (Chorus x 8) (End)
(Intro) Yeah, I love this man This game yo, it’s so beautiful man Word up, ain’t nothing like it at all All the glamour and the glitz the positivity man What more can I say man (Verse 1) Yeah, aye yo I think I might be lying to y’all This game is full of fog Worse yet, hazardous California smog Rap dudes so jaded and quick to ball hog Wanna be the power forward, but only five feet tall Coaches get played terribly by the A&Rs With stupid ass decisions so the team ain’t getting far But keep playing boy, keep lacing your hi tops While the CEO gets brain in the skybox (Chorus: Ad Libs) Ok, ok, ok, man, aiight, aiight It ain’t all beautiful man, ok, aiight I’ll be real with you, you know what I’m saying You got your glamour and your glitz You got your positivity man But a lot of this shit yo A lot of this hustle man, it’s some bullshit yo That’s real (Verse 2) Yeah, once again I think I’m lying to y’all Yeah the game gets raw, and sickening But that’s not all While the ball hogs stay on that swine shit I stay an All-Star and adjust to the climate Keeping my skills tight, running suicides every night So I’m destined to win without catching my second wind Now the coaches wanna grin Start admiring my moves I know I’m that dude, but I stay cool And that’s my number one rule The game helped deliver the fans But it’s up to me to stay true They respect my point of view And that’s all I need Ex out the fame, ex out the greed And by all means you can label me MCEO yo, teach you to showboat With your mental as well as your physical Being one dimensional, so hypocritical (Chorus: Ad Libs 2) And I’mma tell you why man This world we live in It’s three dimensional man That’s reality, you know what I’m saying If you live your life one dimensional You’re not living in reality yo And a lot of people in this game is like that man And that’s the yin to this yang man Yang to this yin, you know (Verse 3) Yeah, aye yo I think I’ll spit the truth to y’all It’ll catch you if you fall My words should be followed as law Nobody in the game wants to think about the end But then, the thoughts will start to cross your mind Even for I, wonder when I’ll put down the pen When the love for this is never to be found again? When the ball hog now’s my one and only friend? Or when the coach treats me like I’m less than a man? Man, it can’t be planned Yo I wonder when it’s time to exit How will I stand, how will I feel When I look over to my fam Will I still see love in the eyes of my fans? Only thing I can do is be comfortable With the figure in the mirror Making sure my mind’s clearer And even if I never see the Hall of Fame I wouldn’t change anything yo I love the game (Chorus: Ad Libs 3) All the sacrifice, all the hard work All the dedication, all the time and the effort man In the end yo, it’s been real, it’s been hard But I just love it man I love this game yo (End)
(Intro) Yeah, aye Wheels man When I heard this joint right here The pen just hit the pad man Real quick like I don’t know if it’s gonna be on the album I don’t really care man I just had to express my feelings man Deep down inside, yeah, check this out (Verse 1) You got, brothers outside, trying to stay alive But nobody truly understands how they feel inside Similarities of when Jesus was crucified But his form of resurrection is suicide Now who am I, not the religious type But I learn from life, hoping to keep my spirit right So here’s the light, take it in spite of all your hand-me-downs from your family tree Just follow E ‘cause on the inside, I know you sit and hide I know you stay satisfied with just getting by I know you’ve been told you shouldn’t ask God why But nobody notices all your hard tries So the tears fly, the doves cry But your principal, keep them invisible You fail to excel and it gets to you But you keep it bottled up How did it gets so full You better drain away the pain So hazardous on the brain, a Molotov flame It’s all a game Now your reality’s needing a case quarter Robbery, Manslaughter Kidnap, click clack, from North Cock-It-Back To your neck of the woods, nah it ain’t all good New neighbors in your hood Community turns to Fed Land Cop shots blaming the crime on a dead man (Chorus: Carlitta Durand) Relations change and pave the way Decisions lead to the path we take Always asking whose to blame You made your way, it’ll never change (Repeat) (Verse 2) So now we outside, living worldwide On the front line, battling for the grand prize And it’s simply to have the power to decide What to do with my own life Travel on a soul flight Beyond race, gender, and class I see so much we can explore Leave your inhibitions at the door Right next to your wallet This is how we make a real prophet, with logic You knock this? Well you ain’t understand yo Everybody won’t grasp it, but maybe your man though Each One Teach One, like father to son Or even like son to father when the father didn’t bother Maybe the father was wilding, conniving The streets keep his 4-5 live with no jiving Drugs keep the nostrils plugged, nose diving Took the most dangerous plunge and stroke idling And why is it when brothers get caught They blame it on just him, it’s all his fault See it’s more than just right vs wrong How about weak vs strong A fake king vs a designated pawn Now it’s your move, but see really the pawns rule They got power to strategize how all march through So it starts with you And if he don’t understand the power of one Yo I don’t blame son (Chorus x 2) (Break: Ad Libs) Sometimes you gotta just express yourself man Just get it out, you know what I’m saying? I don’t even know if kats are gonna understand this track right here But I do know there’s a lot of people out there Worldwide that just don’t want to deal with the Everyday 9 to 5s And the everyday modern world activities So if you got something deep down inside man That may not be the norm It may not be what everybody else may be thinking Express it man, express yourself You never know what you can accomplish man This is what I call “The Realest Talk”, yeah (Chorus x 2, then Slow Chorus) (End)


Justus League artist Edgar Allen Floe teams up with producer J Wheels to deliver "Floetry In Motion". Features special guests Royce da 5'9", Nottz, Termanology, LaToiya Williams and more.


released June 19, 2012

Nottz Appears Courtesy of Teamsta Entertainment Music
Royce da 5'9" Appears Courtesy of Slaughterhouse
Termanology Appears Courtesy of Nature Sounds
Carlitta Durand Appears Courtesy of herself, some waings and a few sips of Red Bull
Jon Bibbs Appears Courtesy of Jon Bibbs Company
LaToiya Williams Appears Courtesy of herself
Nakia Madry Appears Courtesy of Peach Fuzz Entertainment
K'bana Blaq Appears Courtesy of Peach Fuzz Entertainment
Chris Whitaker Appears Courtesy of himself
DJ Flash Appears Courtesy of Hall of Justus Music Group
Hamza the 7th Sun Appears Courtesy of himself
Chaundon Appears courtesy of Golden Era Music Inc.
L.E.G.A.C.Y. Appears courtesy of S.I.N. Music

Executive Produced by: Daryl Sams & Jeffery Wheeler

Mastered by: Slicemysta and Edgar Allen Floe @ Corporate Floe Studios, Durham NC

Marketing & Publicity: MCEO Records, LLC & Mass Media Group llc

Edgar Allen Floe Legal: MCEO Records, LLC
J Wheels Legal: Mass Media Group llc

Photography: Dexter Cohan
Design: J Wheels


℗© 2012 MCEO Records, LLC & Mass Media Group llc


all rights reserved



Edgar Allen Floe Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Allen Floe is an award winning hip hop artist from North Carolina, gaining acclaim as a member of the hip hop collective, The Justus League.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for his work on the song "Don't Turn Around" with Canadian emcee Ghettosocks. In the same year, "Don't Turn Around" had also won an ECMA Award for "Rap Single Of The Year".
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