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Yeah, I love this man
This game yo, it’s so beautiful man
Word up, ain’t nothing like it at all
All the glamour and the glitz
the positivity man
What more can I say man

(Verse 1)

Yeah, aye yo I think I might be lying to y’all
This game is full of fog
Worse yet, hazardous California smog
Rap dudes so jaded and quick to ball hog
Wanna be the power forward, but only five feet tall
Coaches get played terribly by the A&Rs
With stupid ass decisions so the team ain’t getting far
But keep playing boy, keep lacing your hi tops
While the CEO gets brain in the skybox

(Chorus: Ad Libs)

Ok, ok, ok, man, aiight, aiight

It ain’t all beautiful man, ok, aiight
I’ll be real with you, you know what I’m saying
You got your glamour and your glitz
You got your positivity man
But a lot of this shit yo
A lot of this hustle man, it’s some bullshit yo
That’s real

(Verse 2)

Yeah, once again I think I’m lying to y’all
Yeah the game gets raw, and sickening
But that’s not all
While the ball hogs stay on that swine shit
I stay an All-Star and adjust to the climate
Keeping my skills tight, running suicides every night
So I’m destined to win
without catching my second wind
Now the coaches wanna grin
Start admiring my moves
I know I’m that dude, but I stay cool
And that’s my number one rule
The game helped deliver the fans
But it’s up to me to stay true
They respect my point of view
And that’s all I need
Ex out the fame, ex out the greed
And by all means you can label me
MCEO yo, teach you to showboat
With your mental as well as your physical
Being one dimensional, so hypocritical

(Chorus: Ad Libs 2)

And I’mma tell you why man
This world we live in
It’s three dimensional man
That’s reality, you know what I’m saying
If you live your life one dimensional
You’re not living in reality yo
And a lot of people in this game is like that man
And that’s the yin to this yang man
Yang to this yin, you know

(Verse 3)

Yeah, aye yo I think I’ll spit the truth to y’all
It’ll catch you if you fall
My words should be followed as law
Nobody in the game wants to think about the end
But then, the thoughts will start to cross your mind
Even for I, wonder when I’ll put down the pen
When the love for this is never to be found again?
When the ball hog now’s my one and only friend?
Or when the coach treats me like I’m less than a man?
Man, it can’t be planned
Yo I wonder when it’s time to exit
How will I stand, how will I feel
When I look over to my fam
Will I still see love in the eyes of my fans?
Only thing I can do is be comfortable
With the figure in the mirror
Making sure my mind’s clearer
And even if I never see the Hall of Fame
I wouldn’t change anything yo
I love the game

(Chorus: Ad Libs 3)

All the sacrifice, all the hard work
All the dedication, all the time and the effort man
In the end yo, it’s been real, it’s been hard
But I just love it man
I love this game yo



from Floetry In Motion, released June 19, 2012
(D. Sams, J. Wheeler) // Published by Floe Almighty Music Publishing (ASCAP), I Need My Publishing (ASCAP)

Produced by: J Wheels for I Need My Publishing

Recorded & Mixed by J Wheels at The Attic, Norfolk, VA & Slicemysta at Corporate Floe Studios, Durham, NC

Yamaha Motif Rack ES, Roland Fantom XR, Drums, Percussion & Pro Tools Editing by: J Wheels

Opera Vocals Melody & Arrangement by: J Wheels
Opera Vocals Performed by: Nakia Madry

All Raps Written & Performed by: Edgar Allen Floe



all rights reserved


Edgar Allen Floe Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Allen Floe is an award winning hip hop artist from North Carolina, gaining acclaim as a member of the hip hop collective, The Justus League.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for his work on the song "Don't Turn Around" with Canadian emcee Ghettosocks. In the same year, "Don't Turn Around" had also won an ECMA Award for "Rap Single Of The Year".
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