Jealous (Keep On Pushin') (feat. Chaundon, L​.​E​.​G​.​A​.​C​.​Y​.​, & K'bana Blaq)

from by Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels

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(Chours: K’Bana Blaq)

We always getting better
There’s no way to stop us
We always keep on pushin
We always keep on pushin

(Verse 1: Chaundon)

These niggas got Erick Sermon contacts on
Logging on like why the fuck Chaundon on?
If they was nice, they would be in my place
rocking shows state to state
Busting nuts in every groupie ho face
But they not, they stuck behind a laptop screen
9 to 5ing, surviving, while I’m living my dream
So sick that my 16s are keeping my lights on
Flew back from Beaverton, free pair of Nikes on
Pray for my downfall, I ain’t slipping
Passport stamped up, nigga I ain’t tripping
Fuck y’all, so what you don’t like me
Get online and spite me
I’ll make another joint like Spike Lee
Get in my lane, run you over like Frogger
Wack niggas who failed as rappers became bloggers
Am I wrong? You niggas hear the truth in the song
Press rewind and we can all sing along

(Chorus x 2)

(Verse 2: L.E.G.A.C.Y.)

Push off, push out, pussy with their deuche out
Blew off, blew out, standing with that kush out
I push off, like I’m going for the rebound
I flew off, I don’t fuck with these clowns
I crush them quick, is he Bozo or Homey
Can’t touch the kid, I’m Billy, you know me
I’ll make you famous with a gang of regulators
Middle finger still the same, aimed at the best haters
Trust I gotta good aim, fuck all that hood fame
That notoriety could leave you with a few brains
Don’t get John F’ed, don’t call me conscious
More like smartness, taken out of context
They don’t want this, suicide launches
This is no bomb threat, more of a promise
I’m kind of like the film, Carolina bastard what
And I’mma push it ‘til that casket shuts

(Chorus x 2)

(Verse 3: Edgar Allen Floe)

Aye yo, Floe is a phenomenon (man that dude is the shit)
To show and prove it to you let’s take a trip
With your street smarts is where your feet start
The road to success is where hustling meets heart
Tough when your peeps talk
‘cause they ain’t gotta tall glass of both
Wonder how overseers got them cornered on the ropes
Lightweight moving with heavy weight
You out of your league
Wanna be Ali but can’t bob and weave
Now you fucked up, your face is full of Vaseline
Such a weak prize fighter thinking you matching me
I’m in a league of my own homes, check out my Floezone
Chillin’ sitting on an ice cold throne
King of the Cool, straight stinging your fools
My weapon’s a lethal injection, you quiet as kept and
Aquarius water, don’t get lost in the sea, sea, sea
Floetry In Motion, yo you still Walking With E?



from Floetry In Motion, released June 19, 2012
(D. Sams, J. Wheeler, F. St. Omer, K. Harper) // Published by Floe Almighty Music Publishing (ASCAP), I Need My Publishing (ASCAP), Nodhoz Musik Publishing (ASCAP), Raidaz of Da Lost Art (ASCAP)

Produced by: J Wheels for I Need My Publishing

Recorded & Mixed by J Wheels at The Attic, Norfolk, VA & Slicemysta at Corporate Floe Studios, Durham, NC, L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Chaundon vocals recorded at Chop Shop Studio, Durham, NC

Yamaha Motif Rack ES, Roland Fantom XR, Drums, Percussion & Pro Tools Editing by: J Wheels

Chorus Written by: J Wheels

Chorus Performed by: K'bana Blaq

Raps Written & Performed by: Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Edgar Allen Floe



all rights reserved


Edgar Allen Floe Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Allen Floe is an award winning hip hop artist from North Carolina, gaining acclaim as a member of the hip hop collective, The Justus League.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for his work on the song "Don't Turn Around" with Canadian emcee Ghettosocks. In the same year, "Don't Turn Around" had also won an ECMA Award for "Rap Single Of The Year".
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