Superfly (feat. Termanology & Nakia Madry)

from by Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels

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Yep, Termanology
Edgar Allen Floe, yeah
J Wheels on the track, yeah
Superfly shit

(Verse 1: Edgar Allen Floe)

Yo, as soon as I hit your town
And both Wallabees hit the ground
I expect you to kiss the crown or kneel down
’cause y’all ain’t fucking with him
Better be up to listen, and feel this touch of wisdom
or simply another victim, once again his pride hit him
Right on his ass, took an L so fast
trying to see a W, now see ICU
Remember Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down?
But now chumps get trumped, how does defeat sound?
’cause Floe will Texas hold ‘em, then shape and mold them
To a fake pro with play dough, tried to told him
You thinking you large, yeah you might’ve outsold him
but my shit hold weight, so truly I out-globe him
He wanna be a leader homie, I don’t know him
How can I follow when with ease I could fold him
I do my thing and keep my B.I. private
So check for the true leader, witness the Superfly shit

(Chorus: Nakia Madry)

You know who he is, you know what he is
The kid is so Superfly, Superfly


(Verse 2: Edgar Allen Floe)

State of the art shit and you the prime target
But taking you on ain’t really what I call a bargain
See I don’t deal with the fakes, you’re too late
so your bread I won’t break to try to fill my dinner plate
‘cause the loaf is so poisonous
You think it’s a dream and can’t believe
Floe’s exposing the boy in us
and boy it’s tough, your boy ain’t tough
he just be on that premium helium, I enjoy his bluff
So gassed up, thinking he flying high
The latter of Ride or Die, that’s what he gets for trying I
Now the boy and earth collide, and he asking the god why
Floe Almighty sitting high, boy what a smart guy
I max well, chillax well, when I attack yell
You still get thrown over crowd like a packed jail (overcrowded)
Up next is Murder Mass, really though
‘cause Term is a man knowing the ledge
But y’all don’t hear me though (Termanolgy)

(Chorus x 2)

(Verse 3: Termanology)

I ain’t got paper so I don’t bring the Range out
But I got a burner that’ll blow your brains out
I’m drizzling rain in a sizzling rain drought
Cocaine droughts is out, we just made South
You sucka ducks meet a slut, then you marry it
I got heavy flow like a ho on her period
I’m seriously hilarious, but I’m serious
After I damage it I throw a bitch out the Marriott
I’m feeling it, brilliant rhymes I got millions
really it’s real, Shakespeare should be my alias
the way my poetry flow it be so strenuous
All of these venomous menace’s sentences will end quick
You know the rest, these hoes is so obsessed
Me and Edgar Allen Floe on this J Wheels shit
It’s like Prince and Mike Jack with Quincy
20 years ago, check the flow, so crispy
Like my Air Ones, cut in my fade
And my blade will chop up drugs that’s high grade
I’ve been hustling, since a young boy so why change
I’m on the run, got five IDs and five names, I’m made
What a shame, they blame this Hip Hop for violence
Just imagine if there wasn’t no rap
Then every rapper that rap, probably be packing gats
I probably be a maniac, eating your children like snacks
I’m a monster

(Chorus x 2)



from Floetry In Motion, released June 19, 2012
(D. Sams, J. Wheeler, D. Carrillo) // Published by Floe Almighty Music Publishing (ASCAP), I Need My Publishing (ASCAP), Termanology978 Music (BMI)

Produced by: J Wheels for I Need My Publishing

Recorded & Mixed by J Wheels at The Attic, Norfolk, VA & Slicemysta at Corporate Floe Studios, Durham, NC

Yamaha Motif Rack ES, Yamaha XS6, Roland Fantom XR, Roland Fantom G6, Drums, Percussion & Pro Tools Editing by: J Wheels

Horns Written & Arranged by: J Wheels

Trumpet & Flugel Horn Performed by: Duane Smith

Chorus Melody & Arrangement by: J Wheels

Chorus Written by: Edgar Allen Floe

Chorus Performed by: Nakia Madry

Raps Written & Performed by: Edgar Allen Floe & Termanology



all rights reserved


Edgar Allen Floe Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Allen Floe is an award winning hip hop artist from North Carolina, gaining acclaim as a member of the hip hop collective, The Justus League.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for his work on the song "Don't Turn Around" with Canadian emcee Ghettosocks. In the same year, "Don't Turn Around" had also won an ECMA Award for "Rap Single Of The Year".
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