Mighty Floe Young (feat. Nottz & Royce da 5'9")

from by Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels

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(Verse 1: Nottz)

Little nigga I’m a muthafucking monster
I drool when I talk shit
Crumble and die throughout the paths I done walked
Eyes stay blood red, ‘cause I ain’t slept in a hundred years
I’m one vampire that bust head your tough guy
Thinking you can fuck with the boy (uh uh, damn lie)
‘Nuff dem die and fry for that shit nigga
Know what your gotdamn problem is
(Click, Click) I ain’t think so bitch
Sit your monkey ass on down
Before I put your monkey ass on down
Like you were wild from a zoo
Nottz Raw rings bells from here to Kalamazoo
You ain’t gotta like my shit, nigga fuck you
It’s a billion of muthafuckin’ opinions that mean something
and a fourth of that be frontin’
The other 75% fuck with that real Hip Hop, bitch stop
Hold up before a nigga go nuts

(Scratch Chorus: DJ Flash)

Real niggas only, Five Nine
I be the Five Star Genereal
Edgar Allen Floe is that dude
Trust me I’m as live as it gets
Nottz Raw, nigga I’m that shit
Aw shit look at the muthafucking Wheels
Edgar Allen Floe, Royce Five Nine
The illest

(Verse 2: Edgar Allen Floe)

Aye yo, you get slapped up in VA
Transported to NC
Now who the fuck wanna see E
10 o’clock news got your face up on the TV
Missing muthafuck from my clutches he wanna be free
Break my shackles, Kunta Kinte slave
Nah homie, sit your ass down Toby
The god speaks Mathematics, I will bring noise
‘cause this year, in my cipher I build and destroy
This is grown man shit little boy, you still potty training
Straight out of Raleigh blazing, you still probably hate it
and Floe is going ape shit, breaking the laws of the matrix
For you there’s no escaping, L you facing
So take this, a strong word of advice
Stay the fuck out my path, you truly value your life?
Edgar Allen Floe is lethal, 1 over 0
Keeping it Undefined, no effort, but still shine

(Scratch Chorus)

(Verse 3: Royce Da 5’9”)

Nikkel, Nigga Run
Nottz asks me for anything
It’s Young Berg’s career, done
Extended cartridge, I call you niggas food
‘cause you get hands put on you in any market
Besides rolling with Gs, it’s my crew
Responsible for the No-Fly Zone in the D
You come through, you better call somebody
‘cause we don’t care
We’ll leave with your legs and leave you a wheelchair
We’ll sit in your bushes prepared for a shootout
With a couple extra militias and pushers
If you don’t get it, you can’t get it, forget it
We run the city, the bitch with me she pretty
She pretty, she’ll bring the kitty to the vet
Nigga I’m lethal, I’ll take your whole city on
All I need is me and ten of my people
Nigga I’m a winner, my bitch name is Victoria
I go hard, they call me a go to warrior

(Scratch Chorus)



from Floetry In Motion, released June 19, 2012
(D. Sams, J. Wheeler, D. Lamb, R. Montgomery) // Published by Floe Almighty Music Publishing (ASCAP), I Need My Publishing (ASCAP), Teamsta Entertainment Music (BMI)

Produced by: J Wheels for I Need My Publishing

Recorded & Mixed by J Wheels at The Attic, Norfolk, VA & Slicemysta at Corporate Floe Studios, Durham, NC,

Yamaha Motif Rack ES, Roland Fantom XR, XK-1 Hammond Organ, Drums, Percussion, Additional Scratches & Pro Tools Editing by: J Wheels

Scratches by: DJ Flash

Raps Written by: Nottz, Edgar Allen Floe & Royce da 5'9"



all rights reserved


Edgar Allen Floe Durham, North Carolina

Edgar Allen Floe is an award winning hip hop artist from North Carolina, gaining acclaim as a member of the hip hop collective, The Justus League.

In 2011, he was nominated for a Juno Award for his work on the song "Don't Turn Around" with Canadian emcee Ghettosocks. In the same year, "Don't Turn Around" had also won an ECMA Award for "Rap Single Of The Year".
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